Tokyo Marui MP5A4 NGRS AEG

■Equipped with shoot & recoil engine
■Equipped with auto stop system
■Equipped with variable hop-up system
■Full auto (repeat) / 3 burst (3 shots in succession) / Semi-auto (single shot) switching type


German H&K’s famous submachine gun, equipped with a fixed stock as standard.

“MP5 A4” equipped with a fixed stock is now available in the MP5 series of next-generation electric guns!
Equipped with the highly safe “M-SYSTEM,” which uses FET (electronic trigger system) and comprehensively monitors and controls the FET, FC, battery, and motor using a microcomputer. 3 burst reproduction, improved trigger response, compatibility with MS•Li-Po batteries, and a model that thoroughly pursues realism in its exterior and operability.

  • Major features

    • Equipped with shoot & recoil engine

      By pulling the trigger, a bolt-like weight of approximately 300g is activated at the same time as the gun is fired, and the intense recoil generated inside the main body is transmitted throughout the body. It is also equipped with an auto-stop system that stops firing when the magazine is empty, and a bolt release mechanism that releases the auto-stop by pulling the bolt handle. This model pursues the reality of operation and operability.

    • Reproduce 3 bursts

      In addition to semi/full auto firing, it perfectly reproduces 3 burst firing that fires 3 shots when you pull the trigger. The selector, which can be operated from either the left or right, is linked by a shaft that passes through the mechanical box, achieving smooth rotation and a solid click feeling.

    • Equipped with FET

      Equipped with FET (electronic switch) instead of conventional mechanical switch. Compared to mechanical switches, there is less current loss generated at the contact point, and the response from pulling the trigger to firing the BB bullet is improved.

    • M-SYSTEM

      We have newly developed “M-SYSTEM,” a microcomputer (MCU = microcontroller unit) that comprehensively monitors and controls FET, FC (Fire Control), battery, and motor. It not only monitors information from seven sensors and various voltages to switch shooting modes and control motor rotation, but also has safety features such as detecting damage or abnormalities in various parts and stopping operation. It has become a system.

    • Pursuing the reproducibility of appearance

      Many metal parts, such as the upper receiver, are powder-coated with a texture that is close to the real thing. In addition, the hand guard, lower receiver, fixed stock, selector, and cocking lever are molded from reinforced nylon resin, which is similar to the real material.

    • Increased rigidity in various parts

      By reviewing the component structure of the cocking handle and adopting reinforced nylon resin, it is possible to hit the locked cocking lever to return it, commonly known as “HK slap.” In addition, the fixed stock that stores the battery is integrally molded to increase realism and rigidity.

    • Adjustable rear sight

      The drum-type rear sight allows you to adjust the top and bottom of the impact with the included rear sight adjustment tool, and the left and right of the impact with a Phillips screwdriver (*), just like the real thing. *Phillips screwdriver not included. Please prepare separately.

    • Realistic pressed magazine

      The number of bullets is 72. Comes with a magazine that uses a pressed steel outer case with welded seams all around, just like the real thing. *Magazine is not compatible with other series MP5 models such as electric gun standard type.


full length 500 mm / 660 mm (when stock is extended)
Inner Barrel Length 229mm
weight 3,100 g (including empty magazine and battery)
bullet 6mm BB (0.2~0.28g)
power source 8.4V Ni-MH 1300mAh Mini S battery (*1) / MS•Li-Po battery [Standard type] (*2)
Number of bullets 72 shots
Model name MP5 A5
kinds Submachine gun / PDW


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