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About Us

Eagle 6

About Eagle 6

Eagle6 Ltd is a small UK based company which specialises in parts specifically for Tokyo Marui Airsoft Guns.  Everything listed on our website in some form, way or fashion fits a Tokyo Marui Airosft Gun.  We have a pasion for the Tokyo Marui brand and we hope you the customers can feel this reflected in our day to day approach.  Whether its our product choice, Our bespoke custom products, Our workshop catering specifically for tokyo marui products or our vast free Tokyo Marui Information Center.  The more customers support eagle6 airsoft the more we will be able to plow back into huge amounts of available parts for fans of marui.  Its our passion and we hope you join us for the journey.

Eagle6 Ltd
Unit 3, Abbissgate
Sutterton Enterprise Park
United Kingdom

Telephone: 01205460385

Mobile / Out of hours - 07944904604

Company Number - 10148526

VAT Number - 265 0455 10

Our Store

Our store is located in the Small Rural town of Sutterton, Lincolnshire.  Our factilies include:

- Airsoft Gun Testing Range Including Chronograph (Free to use) 

- Tokyo Marui Airsoft Gun Workshop

- Tokyo Marui Airsoft Gun Showroom

- Wearhouse

- Toilet Facilites

Opening Hours

Mon: 9am - 530pm

Tues: 9am - 530pm

Wed: 9am - 530pm

Thurs: 9am - 530pm

Fri: 9am - 530pm

Sat: 9am - 6pm

Sun: Closed

*Out of Hours - We are happy to open later by appointment.  If you need to pop in after 530 just let me know and im happy to stay later, i only live about 10min walk away.  We realise not everyone will be able to get to us during the usualy 9 - 530 and want to be flexible, but also not spend every hour there.  We may introduce a late evening if we get demand for it at somepoint down the road. Just text or call me on 07944904604 and let me know when youll be popping in and i will know to stay late.  With regards sundays, if its an emergency or its the only day you can make it up then we will open by appointment, as i say we live local and its not a problem as long as we have some notice.*

Show Room

We Accept Cash / Debit / Credit Card Instore In Our Showroom.  ***Please Note - To Purchase Tokyo Marui Airsoft Guns You will need to have a valid UKARA membership.***

Our Showroom has a small selection of Tokyo Marui Airsoft Guns and a small selection of consumables like BB's and GAS products which can be purchased instore.  We are always expanding our range, everything thats available instore can be purchased on our website.

Airsoft Gun Range

This is now open and free to use if you bring your own equipment.

This is still underdevelopment but we have plans for an electronic target system to expand this range, we will also have rentable guns to use on the day so you can get a feel for what its like to use an airsoft gun when your a non airsoft player or someone that doesnt have there own equipment yet,

Rental fee will be £5 per gun for 1hr. This doesnt include BBs or GAS which will need to be purchased seperately but you can keep this for future use.


We have a large workshop for servicing and repairs of Tokyo Marui Arisoft Guns.  We work on a £20 per hour + VAT basis.  Typically a GAS pistol would be 1 hour.  An Electric Airsoft Gun would be 3 hours to give you a rough idea on pricing.  Please phone our workshop for more information 

Tel: 01205460385 

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