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About Us

Eagle 6

About Eagle 6

Eagle6 Ltd. is a Lincolnshire company which specialises in supplying parts and upgrades specifically for Tokyo Marui Airsoft Guns across the UK. Everything listed on our website in some form or fashion will fit a Tokyo Marui Airosft Gun.

We have a passion for the Tokyo Marui brand, and you will feel this reflected in our day-to-day approach. We're the experts, so whether it's our product choice, our bespoke custom products, our workshop catering specifically for Tokyo Marui products, or our vast free Tokyo Marui Information Center, we've got your back.

We can also offer advice about the latest innovations, which guns or upgrade is best for you, or help you pick something that meets your budget. It's our passion and we hope you join us for the journey.

Eagle6 Ltd.
Unit 3, Abbissgate
Sutterton Enterprise Park
United Kingdom

Telephone: 01205 460385

Mobile / Out of hours* - 07944904604

Company Number - 10148526

VAT Number - GB 265 0455 10

Our Store

Our store is located in the small rural town of Sutterton, Lincolnshire. Our facilities include:

- Airsoft Gun Testing Range Including Chronograph (Free to use) 

- Tokyo Marui Airsoft Gun Workshop

- Tokyo Marui Airsoft Gun Showroom

- Wearhouse

- Toilet Facilites

Opening Hours

Monday 10.00 am – 6pm

Tuesday  9:00 am – 6pm

Wednesday  9:00 am –  6pm

Thursday  9:00 am – 6pm

Friday  9:00 am – 6pm

Saturday  9:00 am – 6pm

Sun: Closed

*Out of hours - We are happy to open later by appointment. If you need to pop in after 6pm, just let me know, and im happy to stay later. I only live about 10 min walk away. We realize not everyone will be able to get to us during the usual 9 - 6, and want to be flexible, but also not spend every hour there. We may introduce a late evening if we get demand for it at somepoint down the road. Just text or call me on 07944904604, and let me know when you'll be popping in, and i will know to stay late. With regards Sundays, if it's an emergency, or it's the only day you can make it up, then we will open by appointment, as I say we live local and it's not a problem as long as we have some notice.*

Show Room

We Accept Cash / Debit / Credit Card Instore In Our Showroom.  ***Please Note - To Purchase Tokyo Marui Airsoft Guns You will need to have a valid UKARA membership or Proof of site membership.***  

Our Showroom has a small selection of Tokyo Marui Airsoft Guns, and a small selection of consumables like BB's and GAS products which can be purchased instore. We are always expanding our range. Everything that's available instore can be purchased on our website.

Airsoft Gun Range

Our Near Boston Lincolnshire based shop also features an Airsoft Gun Range!

This is now open and free to use if you bring your own equipment.

The Indoor range has an electronic target system from G&G installed with 25 targets that light up, making it fun and enjoyable to pass the time shooting these for fun or airsoft training.  It has several different game modes.


We have a workshop for servicing, and repairs or Tokyo Marui Airsoft Guns. We work on a £20 per hour + VAT basis. Typically a GAS pistol would be 1 hour. An Electric Airsoft Gun would be 3 hours to give you a rough idea on pricing. Please phone our workshop for more information 

Tel: 01205 460385 

What is Airsoft

The airsoft wiki is probably the best source of info to answer this but in a nut shell it is a sport / hobby which utilizes low powered soft air bb guns in the shape of real imitation firearms to play combat style games where players us a physical hit taking / honesty system to play games outdoors and indoors (think paint ball but with less pain and less mess).  Unlike paintball, airsofts equipment in both apparel, accessory's, customisation and RIFs (Airsoft Guns) are all designed for realisim, accuracy, cos play and immersion in the combat role you are playing, whether its a ww2 role, or US special forces, SNIPER or Royal marines it can all be played in airsoft some just choose to show up in jeans and t shirt, the customisation and wide choice available to make your look and style unique and individual is what makes airsoft so great. 

With the prevalence of computer games nowadays and action shooting games like call of duty we find airsoft is a great way for young adults and adults to get out of the house and enjoy what is effectively the very games they play in a virtual world but in real life.  We find airsoft offers great opportunity for exercise if you want to run about and also social skills obtained from interacting with other players on site, none of which we get from behind a computer.  We find its extremely popular for fathers & sons to have a hobby that both can get invested in, but recently with the ever changing world we live in we have seen a large number of younger females joining the sport which is great to see often playing as a father / daughter team.  Please remember to check with the local site you plan on attending at what there minimum age is if you plan on taking a child / young adult to a game day.  The average minimum age for most sites is 10 - 12 with an adult accompanying them.  Some sites will offer specific under 18s days which can be less daunting to young attendees.    Feel free to contact us instore for a list of local sites to attend, we try and keep up to date as best we can on all the local sites to us, we have around 11 sites to attend within 1 hours drive of the store.

The only minmum equipement required for airsoft is air protection but we recommend full face protection unless you are experienced enough to say other wise.  another recommendation would be decent foot wear as you will be out side in the muck and often bumpy ground.  Other than that everything else you want to add to your collection / gear is optional, as in the case of all sports and hobbys theres always more equipment to get if you want to go further into the hobby.

If you are new to the sport we highly recommend you find a local site and rent equipment for your first 3 times.  They will provide you with all the equipment in the rental charge that you need to play, it takes the hassle out of starting out and also gets you site membership which will allow you to buy RIFs in the long term.  Something you wont be able to do until you are a member of a UK insured airsoft site.  This is to protect the sport and ensure the equipment is being purchased is for use in airsoft specifically, it also promotes a level of saftey when using equipment that fires projectiles, even at low powers it still has the potential of miss use and going to an airsoft site will give you all the safety breifings and "how to use your equipment tutorials" you will need to play airsoft safely.

Lastly please handle your airsoft Real immitation firearms safely and respnibly and never display or use them anywhere other than an airsoft site with insurance or at home.    Take care when traveling to and from cars / transporting your RIFS and take care when handling them in your home in front of open windows to the public, its not an offense to own this eqipment but it is an offense to scare or generally cuase distress to a passer by or neighbour.  All though we enjoy the sport and we know they are low powered bb guns, the general public on mass doesnt, they look extremely real and in this modern world we live in, theres no excuse for displaying airsoft equipment to the general public, it will cause distress and ultimately get you in trouble with the police, so take care with your equipment and be responsible.

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