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Tokyo Marui - Electric Pistol (AEP) Series

Upgrades For Tokyo Marui AEP Series

"Automatic Electric Pistol Series"

This page contains all upgrades which will fit the gun you have selected. If its on this page at some point or in some way it is compatible or relavent. Any questions please email [email protected]

This includes - 


M93R Silver Slide


Glock 18C

Glock 18C Silver Slide


H&K USP Silver Slide


The Gearbox in this series is AEP specifc.  Some parts are cross compatible with CMG series.  And some parts are specific to each model of AEP.

Air Nozzle - Individual AEP specific

Air Nozzle Loading spring guide - Individual AEP specific

Cylinder Head - AEP series gearbox

Cylinder - AEP series gearbox 

Piston Head - AEP/CMG series gearbox

Piston - AEP series gearbox

Spring - AEP/CMG series gearbox

Spring Guide - AEP/CMG series gearbox

Tappet Plate - AEP/CMG series gearbox

Tappet Plate CAM - AEP/CMG series gearbox

Gears - AEP/CMG series gearbox

Bushings - AEP/CMG series gearbox

Anti Reversal Latch - AEP/CMG series gearbox

Cut Off lever - N/A

Selector Plate - N/A

Gearbox Shell - AEP series gearbox

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Nuprol - Airsoft Maintenance Kit

Nuprol - Airsoft Maintenance Kit


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1-50 of 200
External Parts & Upgrades
Airsoft Information and Advice
Airsoft Information and Advice
External Parts & Upgrades
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