Airsoft Summer Gas

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  • Abbey – 144a Predator Summer Gun Gas (700ml)

    £8.99 inc VAT

    Abbey – 144a Predator Summer Gun Gas (700ml)

    – Identical power to 134a gas and will not damage your gun
    – Contains no CFC’s or HFC’s making it environmentally safe
    – Can be used for indoor skirmishes where lower velocities are normally required and hotter climates where risk of damage may occur with more powerful gases
    – Use Abbey Predator Gun Gas 144a where manufacturers recommend 134a gas

  • Abbey – Predator Maintenance Gas 144a (270ml)

    £4.99 inc VAT

    Abbey – Predator Maintenance Gas 144a (270ml)

    – Blended to give the same power as the manufacturer’s original recommended gas.
    – Maintenance Gas 144a contains carefully selected gases which produce just the right power
    – Our unique UPL lubricant is designed to be stable in the gaseous state
    – Does not separate and sink to the bottom of the can like other brands
    – Does not cause damage to or break your gun
    – Simply, fill the magazine with Abbey Maintenance Gas 144a to rejuvenate your gun

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