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The Eagles Nest has landed.  Welcome to our workshop page for the Eagle6 Airsoft workshop, the Eagles Nest. We've been working on and upgrading tokyo marui Next Gen guns for over 8 years and Non Next gen guns for 4 years before that, so 12 years of gun teching.  We can offer anything from repairs and servicing all the way through to custom builds. By Specializing in Tokyo Marui we can offer you faster turn around times and lower costs because we are so experienced at MARUI.  We love Marui and we try our very best to put that into each and every build for you.

Our Current waiting time is estimated at -   Not accepting New guns as of 04/9/18

We dont take the decision lightly to stop accepting new guns, we want to maintain a certain level of quality on each gun and enjoy doing it.  There is simply too many guns to fix we need to draw a line somewhere.  We will still do new guns which have been ordered via the website.  We have to think about customers who have already chosen to use us and keeping turn arounds fast and quality high for them.  We have also to think about the mail order side of the business, the workshop is cool but doesnt pay the bills.  Without the online website and daily orders we simply wouldnt be here to do cool gun builds.  We may open up again once the backlog is completely cleared.  

Regards Eagle6 Staff

How to send us a gun.

It's simple, post us a gun using parcelforce or your preferred courier too.

Eagle6 Ltd
FAO Workshop
Unit 3,
Sutterton Enterprise Park
United Kingdom

Please include just the gun, we have test mags and batteries, unless you specifically want us to service mags at extra cost or test them specifically. We have seen poor feeding caused by bad bbs so many times.  Eagle6 always recommends Nuprol bbs. These have been tested by us as feeding flawlessly.

Please Download and print off this Form,

Click here to download workshop form

Please fill this in with as many details as seem relavent.  Ideally at the minimum we need name, phone number, site fps limit, requested time frame for completion (please dont feel bad if this date is soon, its only a request which we will try our best to meet if we can, we prefer to have more information than less).  Please fill in the work to be done section.  You can just bullet point tasks.  If you are sending any parts in please add these to the parts provided box.

Your Old Parts

After any repair or upgrade work Eagle6 returns all parts to you, the customer, for clarity of what has been installed, plus some spare parts customers want back to sell or keep. This should ALWAYS be the case, and if you are using another workshop that isn't returning your parts, they either need to be giving you a discount or it's technically a theft.  Would we love to keep the parts? Of course we would.  We can't sell most, BUT some could be a life saver for a customer and helps our workshop be faster. We have customers missing tiny bits on guns all the time, so please consider DONATING your old parts to our workshop parts bin.  They will be put in this bin just "in case".  Next time you send your gun in it could be you that needs 1 little tiny part and now you have to pay for a complete TM part at a regular price just for one little bit from a set or wait 6 months while we source it from TM.  Sharing is caring, people.  Have a thought for the next guy.  We will also consider buying your TM parts, as long as you don't mind an insulting low ball offer, because if it's being removed it's usually not a popular part. We do upwards of 10 - 20 guns a week, if we bought them all, we would have loads, but we could offer a little discount if they are of no use to you. We generally work off around £2 per item.  Some we lose on, some we gain on.    

Labor Costs 

We work on a £20 + VAT per hour labor basis currently.  Please see below for some examples of potential work with estimates of how long they would take.

Next Generation A.E.G or Standard Series A.E.G

Hop Rubber, Nub and barrel install = 30mins - 1Hour

Gun Service & Upgrade Spring Install = 3 Hours

Gun Service & Upgrade Spring Install & MOSFET Install = 4 Hours

Gun Service & Upgrade Spring Install & MOSFET Install & Custom Rail Installation = 5 Hours

Gun Service & Upgrade Spring Install & rewire with high current wire = 4 Hours

Automatic Electric Shotgun Series

Upgrade Spring Installation = 2 hours

Standard AEG series

M4 Titan Mosfet install = 4 hours


We often get asked for qoutes based on budgets, so we do a level based package system for gun builds, prioritsing what we see as the most bang for buck items. 

we will be putting these example builds in the information center.


Sopmod M4 - Link

Workshop Que (Updated 04/09/18)

Name RIF Description Work To Be Carried out Status
Justin Ren PSG1 Fix contact switch and piston Awaiting Work (Priority)
Stuart Slade Mod M Scorpion Install Mosfet and Deans Conversion Awaiting Work (Priority)
Pedro SGR12 TM 2nd mag to be worked on, remote switch only. Awaiting Work (Priority)
Eagle6 Custom 001 M4 Cyma to Next Gen Transfer Spr front end to Next gen M4 build full stock and fit cerkote upper and lower Missing Hop Unit
Tom White M4 NG (New) mk zero Awaiting Work
Claudio G18C not working right In Progress (Low Frame issue)
Craig Mullen 417 ng tm r hop Awaiting More R hop work
Jack Willshee 416d tm ng repairs & upgrades Work Complete


Awaiting Work:  This can be a little broad but basically means we have recieved it and its awaiting a slot in the workshop to start work.  There are no parts waiting.

In Progress:  On work bench

Awaiting Parts:  This means we have ordered parts and they will be with us soon, at which stage it will move to awaiting work.

Awaiting Testing:  Sometimes we complete work but dont have time to fully test, testing is part of the workshop process, its time consuming but important to stress each gun.

Passed Testing, Awaiting Collection:  in a nut shell its ready for the bill to be paid and either collected or posted back.

Failed Testing: Sometimes guns fail testing.  its why testing is so important.  If its failed testing this means basically the same as awaiting work, as soon as a slot comes back we will fix and move back to awaiting testing.

Sometimes multiple stages can happen in a day, sometimes we will juggle builds based on time and parts.

TIme frames

You can openly see what we are dealing with at any given moment.  We do not charge for any que jumping, instead we try and work with you the customer when you have tight ETAs and we CAN prioritise "emergency" work accordingly, but please give a thought when you ask us to bump your gun becuase of a game this weekend, becuase it means someone before you now has to wait.  I will leave it to you to decide if your request based on the table above and the time at which you gave us your gun is fair to jump to the top.

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