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The Eagles Nest has landed.  Welcome to our workshop page for the Eagle6 Airsoft workshop, the Eagles Nest.  We are Located Near Boston In Lincolnshire. We've been working on and upgrading tokyo marui Next Gen guns for over 10 years and Non Next gen guns for 4 years before that, so 14 years of gun teching.  We can offer anything from repairs and servicing all the way through to custom builds. By specialising in Tokyo Marui we can offer you faster turn around times and lower costs because we are so experienced at MARUI.  We love Marui and we try our very best to put that into each and every build for you.  We can work on other AEG brands but please check with our workshop availability as each gun we work on requires designing, research and specialist parts, Sometimes the enquiry's we get for work just are not realistic with the time we have and parts available but it never hurts to ask, and also why it works so well us making sure we have all the parts and upgrades for just one brand instock, we get to be very good and quick for that brand. 

We look at Gun Teching the way the cooking industry operates.  Some chefs are so famous that a restaurant will be popular just because of the chef that works there, with customers coming to visit that restaurant for that chef, that chef designs the menu, designs each dish and then cooks it to perfection, that chef has to organise his prep cooks and sous chefs below him to make sure all the work is to that chefs standards.  This is probably the best analogy to explain gun teching, with each gun tech out there worth his salt attempting to make a name for him self.  Our Head "chef" is Richard Young, his attention to detail, willingness to push his own boundaries and support of the airsoft industry is well known.  Our builds are very much grounded in whats realistic but with an eye for performance, we know we have lots of customers wanting to be served, to keep using the food analogy we have to balance what we are trying to achieve with our bold visions, we like to think of our selves as a nice restaurant not a Mcdonalds but not so elite that the meal prices most people out of being able to visit. 

We try and design our gun menus and each gun dish for you personally based on your needs but also realise many of you are after the same thing so we have built a menu with our level packages, we also make sure the work we take on doesn't end up making you wait so long you get fed up and leave, we have to balance your crazy ideas of whats possible in your head with what we know is actually feasible in a decent realistic amount of time, our price caps of 5 hours can be easily abused which affects other waiting customers so sometimes we just have to pass on the opportunity of cooking certain meals.  You as a customer will no doubt try different restaurants, but we hope you meal you get with eagle6 is an enjoyable one for you that you dont have to wait too long for it to served.

Regards Eagle6 Staff

What We Offer

- Servicing

- Upgrades

- Part Sourcing On Problem Builds

- High Levels Of Attention To Detail

- Our E6 4 point gun testing checklist (Please see further down for details)

- Video of the completed Work Posted on You tube & Facebook (build pictures on request only)

- We can usually Hit requested FPS targets within + or - 5 FPS

- Custom Designed Builds

- Gearbox Bedding In

- Gearbox Friction Surface Polishing

- AOE & Piston Teeth adjustments If Needed

- Exceptional shimming & motor to bevel gear alignment

- Full Rewires In High Current Wire

- Small modification and manufacturing possibility In store with some 3d print capabilities, we out source for large scale manufacturing & 3d print needs ie custom parts.

How the Que Works -

We get asked how long is our wait times?  Well our que is base on date of time you physically drop the gun off, if you drop it off and the day before we get 10 orders on the website for gun builds, then even though it was just one day there is now 10 days worth of builds ahead of your RIF being upgraded / Repaired.  So the best thing you can do if you want to use our popular services is get us your gun.  Find a spare to use in the mean time, what airsofter doesnt have a back up right ? Once we recieve the gun we have racking in the warehouse, it will be placed in a literal que of guns by date order.  We will then go through the RIFS one by one each day.  Please remember the workshop is a service to us, we run it to help players out, it really isnt a big money earner for us at all, most RIFS dispite what players expect in there mind take much longer than you think to do and we only charge £20 + Vat per hour with a maximum cap on what we charge.  So if we spend 15 hours on a build we dont get those hours covered.  We run this as a service to help you out becuase its our passion to keep you guys playing, any bill that gets paid is ultimately just a contribution to keeping the work shop going, its the website and online sales which keep the lights on around here, so consider also having a look at our online shop.

How to send us a gun and book your gun in.

It's simple, post us a gun using parcelforce or your preferred courier.  If you want us to arrange a collection via UPS, then please phone Tina instore to arrange this collecton on 01205460385

Eagle6 Ltd
FAO Workshop
Unit 3,
Sutterton Enterprise Park
United Kingdom

Please include just the gun, we have test mags and batteries, unless you specifically want us to service mags at extra cost or test them specifically. We have seen poor feeding caused by bad bbs so many times.  Eagle6 always recommends Nuprol bbs. These have been tested by us as feeding flawlessly.

Please Download and print off this Form.  Include this form or at the very least a peice of paper with your name and number on. DONT SEND A GUN WITH OUT PROOF OF WHO OWNS IT!!! so many guns look the same and it wastes our time trying to find out who has sent us a gun by trolling through old messages and some cases when organised by phone we have no info on who sent it.

Click here to download workshop form

Please fill this in with as many details as seem relevant.  Ideally at the minimum we need name, phone number, site fps limit, requested time frame for completion (please dont feel bad if this date is soon, its only a request which we will try our best to meet if we can, we prefer to have more information than less).  Please fill in the work to be done section.  You can just bullet point tasks.  If you are sending any parts in please add these to the parts provided box.

Your Old Parts

After any repair or upgrade work Eagle6 returns all parts to you, the customer, for clarity of what has been installed, plus some spare parts customers want back to sell or keep. This should ALWAYS be the case, and if you are using another workshop that isn't returning your parts, they either need to be giving you a discount or it's technically a theft in our opinion.  Would we love to keep the parts? Of course we would.  We can't sell most, BUT some could be a life saver for a customer and helps our workshop be faster. We have customers missing tiny bits on guns all the time, so please consider DONATING your old parts to our workshop parts bin.  They will be put in this bin just "in case".  Next time you send your gun in it could be you that needs 1 little tiny part and now you have to pay for a complete TM part at a regular price just for one little bit from a set or wait 6 months while we source it from TM.  Sharing is caring, people.  Have a thought for the next guy. 

We will also consider buying your TM parts if NEW only, as long as you don't mind an insulting low ball offer, because if it's being removed it's usually not a popular part. We do upwards of 10 - 20 guns a week, if we bought them all, we would have loads, but we could offer a little discount if they are of no use to you. Lately we have been offering free shipping if you leave all your old original new parts from a new build, please enquire with richard or tina if you would like to take us up on this offer. 

TESTING (Eagle6 4 Point CheckList)

Below is the 4 point testing we do on all RIFS before being posted back to you.  We find that this covers 95% of all potential problems which might happen from gun tech work / building custom AEGs.  As you can see its extensive, time consuming and does add time to our builds but we believe its better to send out guns with this level of testing to reduce the stress and hassle which might happen if you recieved a gun that wasnt up to customers expectations.  Not every gun tech will be able to offer you this level of testing and we pride our selves on it.

1. Gearbox bedding In & Resistance Testing Prior to being built and after.  We have a device for specificly built for this purpose.  All shimming is Perfect, all the time, every time.  We dont guess, we test.

2. External range testing for range and accuracy on heavier ammo (We are testing for problems with range or accuracy).

3. Setting the hop up at range then testing FPS with hop set (We are making sure that hop settings do not reduce or increase FPS once you receive the gun and set it up)

4. Extended rounds through the gun on the indoor range, usually with video. (We are testing for first game problems, loose parts like rails or motor connnectors which might come loose from vibrations but also for gearbox reliablility once adding ammo which addes pressure to the mechbox system, also for any feed issues that might or could happen.  To be honest we could list issues that this testing checks for all day long.

In a nut shell, testing is a pain in the arse.  The easiest thing for a gun tech to do is take apart a gun, change a part a put it back together and give it back to the customer, most of us can even do that at home.  What should separate professional gun techs from non professional is making sure its done to the highest standard with no problems when the customer receives it.  Truth is all this testing is hard to do and most "gun techs" will not even fire a single shot through a chrono before posting your RIF back to you or handing it back at game day, becuase it all costs time and money.  Just imagine paying for a RIF to be worked on and its sent back with battery wires reversed accidentally as example as we heard one "professional" gun tech place did, that meant for that to happen, not even a single shot was fired on that gun prior to the gun being posted out after work was done.  We all make mistakes, its a fact of life and to be human.  Assuming mistakes never happen or pretending they dont because of gun tech arrogance is the biggest mistake we see in gun teching, they will and do which is why we came up with our 4 point check list.  We are trying our very best every gun build to make sure consistency of high quality builds is there gun to gun.

Labour Costs 

We are now folloqing a fixed fee system, ALL RIFS are now a fixed fee.  As our amount of work on all rifs has reached higher levels, we have found on average ever gun we work on is requiring a certain bare minimum which as a high end gun tech shop we simply cant just go in a gun and just change a spring any more, we have to make sure and offer a high level of service / work per gun.  If you are just after basic work / just a fix for the cheapest cost or your rif is less money that the fee for labour then honestly in the nicest possible way , our tech shop is not for you.  we are catering to players who need to know that there guns are built and tested to the highest standard.

£99.99 Fixed Fee for ANY RIF For ALL work.

*Obviously there will always be edge cases, and we would always be happy to discuse things like simple barrel upgrades or stock mods separately, but like we say on average if we have to disassemble fully ie anything in the gearbox then we are spending half a day to a whole day per gun and this needs to be covered also we do have some smaller additional charges for specific extras you might buy with gun packages like deans mods or magpul stock hollowing just as two examples*

**Please note this fee doesnt include any part costs, we would like to think it goes without saying but we are saying it anyway**

TIme frames / SPEED UP service

We have 3 levels of time frames we can offer.

1.  Our standard workshop que (No additional Cost)

2. 14 day expidite Service (£99.99 Extra on top of the normal labour fee)

3. 72 hour EXPRESS service (£199 Extra on top of the normal labour fee)

We get asked questions about this service so below our some commonly asked ones

Q: what is the standard workshop que and how long will this take ?

A: it really depends on how many guns booked in and how fast we are cracking through them.  I would say if you want a rough idea then please call us but typically 1 - 2 months sounds about right.   We dont expect you to send your rif in, you can simply call instore and tina can take your details into the dairy.  we will call when we have some aviliability.  That said theres something very visual about have guns sat here waiting to be done.  We always try and action based on diary spots but we will always be trying to clear the workshop of any waiting RIF.

Q: what is the expidite / speed up services for ?

A: in a nut shell, for those that want RIFs completely on there own personal time frames.  Paying money is simply a way to dictate your time frame, your way.  The extra money will help go towards any over time or extra costs involved in sourcing parts at a faster time frame. 

Q: If i just go into the normal que, and 20 people pay for expidites, does that mean my rif will have to wait 20 guns.

A:  We try our best to action expidites out of normal hours, ie we come in evenings / weekends to get them done, they are priced a certain way to mean that it shouldnt be common place to be paying for expidites.  There is the possibility though that yes it may put us back a little, but unfortunately we have only so many resources and if some one is willing to pay us more for the same work then we would simply be crazy not to argee to that work, remmeber we all have lives and familys we want to go home to at the end of the day and as much as we are passionate about the work we do, our familys still need the bills paying just like you have to.7

Q: Why have an expidite service and why cant you just do all guns in 72 hours.

A: Its a nessary evil, we have a great reputation for work with a really fair price, and ultimately only so many gun techs to action said work.  We would love to instantly scale with demand but life doesnt work that way, we need time to scale gun techs with demand and train them, thats if we do decide to do so, we actually really like the quality of work we do at the moment.  This service is specifically designed for those that have a deadline that MUST be meet, or for those in life that have a few more pennies to spend and that hate waiting.  We have been given ultimatumes many times by customers, meet this deadline or i will refund.  Well now we have a clear service specifcally available for those on deadlines or that have left things till last min.

*We reserve the right to drift slightly over the times stated in some cases becuase testing can be affected by weather conditions or range availibility.  in these situations we will tell you but if you have a specific date in mind we alwas reocmmend you speaking with tina on the phone to specific your exact dates needed and get it put onto our expidite board *

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