Eagle6 Airsoft services, workshop and Showroom

Eagle6 Airsoft Services, Workshop & Showroom



Our Showroom has a selection of Airsoft Replicas, consumables like BB’s and GAS products which can all be purchased instore. We are always expanding our range. Everything that’s available instore can be purchased on our website. We can also offer advice about the latest innovations, which guns or upgrades are best for you, or help you pick something that meets your budget. It’s our passion and we hope you join us for the journey.

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Our Lincolnshire shop also features an Airsoft Indoor Range!

This is now open and free to use if you bring your own equipment. The range has an electronic target system from G&G installed with 25 targets that light up, making it enjoyable to pass the time shooting, either for fun or airsoft training. It has several different game modes to choose from to test your skills even further. We can also provide advice and training for any beginners that visit. Just ask one of our team and we’d be happy to run through anything with you.

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We have a workshop for upgrades, servicing, and repairs of Airsoft guns.  The primary focus of the workshop is supporting the products we sell.  We are particularlly well known in the community for our knowledge on Tokyo Marui products.   We can do upgrades, service or repair, or all of the above.  Our workshop can only accept a certain amount of work per week so please call for availability.

Should you need to know any further information or advice please phone our workshop for more information on 01205 460 385, Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm. Alternatively you can contact us through facebook on our contact us page.

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Repair & service prices

We can work on a per hour basis or based on any of our fixed pricing options below.

AEG Fixed £120

Gas pistol Per hour £40

Sniper Fixed £79.99

Gas Rifle Per hour 40

Expidite Fees

14 days £99 Extra

72 hours £199.99 Extra

Our fixed pricing is based on a full strip, clean and rebuild.  Inclusion of any upgrade parts added and investigation of an issues it has come in with.  It also includes range testing and fps testing, with an extended indoor stress test.

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Booking your service

Phone us in-store and ask for availability on any workshop slots.   We run a 5 in 5 out system.  If theres a slot free we dont mind what gun it is really or where you brought it from.

During busy times we will always prioritise and give workshop slots for guns sold by EagleSix.  Make sure you remember to mention if your replica has been brought from us.

You can see a live view of the website below, you can see where you are if you have booked in and or requested a slot. Essentially the workshop breaks down to Done, done but needs testing, work in progress, Waiting and Waitlist. With a separate Exceptions queue for waiting exceptions and done exceptions.

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This is a live view of our workshop. And is used by our staff. As per GDPR regulations if you do not want your information displayed you can requested its not showed by speaking with an engineer or any of our staff members, other wise its assumed permission has been given to put names on builds for the purpose of allowing customers to see progress of there builds.